Hottest Models On Snapchat…You HAVE To Add Them!

The premise of Snapchat is quite clever: you send videos and pics, and you decide for how long your recipients can view those images before they disappear. And of course, that type of communication is bound to create a market for beautiful women who are trying to increase their profiles for acting and modeling work. But if you’re not sure which Snapchat girls are the hottest right now, check out this list to get yourself added to these women’s accounts.

Denise Schaefer


Schaefer is one of the more popular Snapchat models, and you’ll want to freeze her image for as long as you can. She appears to have natural, bee-stung lips reminiscent of Angelina Jolie, long, brown hair and bedroom eyes. All of these qualities are pitch-perfect to make a great Snap.

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