The Cast of Baywatch Did NOT Age Well

Once upon a time, the cast of “Baywatch” was the most beautiful and handsome on TV, featuring toned bodies racing down the beach as the sun shone on their gleaming physiques. But time is undefeated, and a peek at the stars of the boob beach-tastic series in present day is a bit startling, though there are some “Baywatch” stars who have aged very well. Here is the cast of Baywatch 25 years later.

Carmen Electra


Electra used to be a natural beauty during her “Baywatch” days, but you can see that she’s had a lot of paint and body work done since that time. But she has fared ok in the years since she appeared on the show, and she has the physique and beauty to star in a “Baywatch” reboot. Other than that nine-day marriage to former NBA star Dennis Rodman, Electra seems to have made good decisions with her life.

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