The Ugliest Celebrity Wedding Dresses Ever

Being a bride doesn’t always mean you are going to look amazing. This is even true for celebrities. Despite their teams of makeup artists, hair stylists and designers, some celebs manage to still look like they just threw on any old dress and decided to show up at their wedding bash. Others seem to have put way too much thought into their gown choice, and it just ended in disaster. It is unfortunate, because these people have a better than average chance at looking amazing on their perfect day. Take a look at some of the ugliest celebrity wedding dresses that fans have ever had the displeasure of seeing.

The White Bikini


Pam Anderson’s infamous bikini can hardly count as a wedding dress, but it’s hideous and horrible, so it needs to be mentioned. Who wears a white bikini to their wedding? After marrying and divorcing Kid Rock, the couple decided to tie the knot again. Apparently Anderson felt like a wedding dress would have been inappropriate, so she opted to show up in little more than pasties with strings attached. No matter how good your body looks in a bikini, this should just never happen.

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